Web Accessibility

Making sure everyone can view your website and documents.

What is web accessibility?

Websites and digital documents should have everyone in mind. Accessibility is related to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

If designed the first time correctly, your website or documents will help your customers and employees for years to come. Pie Design can help consult and provide solutions to your current digital properties and materials. Contact Jon Pieczynski today to start a conversation.

Accessibility Audit

Audits to help understand and plan for web accessibility for your customers and employees.

Section 508 Compliancy

Pie Design builds websites with everyone in mind, adding WCAG 2.0 principles to design.

Accessibility for PDFs and Documents

Pie Design creates or modifies documents to help screen reader programs navigate the PDF document.

Contact Pie Design

Starting a conversation about how your website can benefit from an accessibility audit is the starting line. Pie Design is here to make sure you create an inclusive digital property so everyone can understand your content.