Content Updates

Pie Design will save you time and keep your website performing at 100%.

Let’s keep your website updated. It’s essential to have fresh content for search engines. It sounds like an easy concept, but sometimes it can slip your mind for days, weeks, months, or even years. Have no fear today because this service allows you to direct content changes to the designer. You can also schedule content ahead of time.

Directing changes saves you time from learning and remembering how to update your website. Sometimes marketing messages change, or a new campaign direction happens. Pie Design is here to be your personal designer to keep your brand consistent and your website functioning.

Security is another concern on the internet these days. It’s crucial to stay ahead and update your website security. From updating WordPress core, plugins, theme to web security like spam filtering, blacklisting IP addresses, Pie Design has the knowledge to keep your website safe. I can also host your website on a secure, fast, web hosting solution.

Pie Design is interested in web security and safe data collection. Ask us questions if you are curious about security precautions.