Why I build websites and value helping others.

I started building websites professionally in 2009 after acquiring my B.A. in Communication Studies from Eastern Illinois University. I started in radio broadcasting and moved to manage web apps and sites for television broadcasting in Champaign, Illinois. From Champaign, I moved to the Bloomington, Indiana area to continue web design at Indiana University for the next four years.

I’ve learned so much about local business needs for their web presence. One trait needed being dependability. I want to be that dependable person to help people with their web design goals.

I am available to help area businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals. With the changing times in the work environment, my help extends around the state of Indiana and beyond.

I find happiness in helping others and being a trustworthy vendor for my clients. I opened Pie Design LLC in 2017 to offer a web design solution to make it easier to update and provide dependability. I want to save you time. When you save time, you save money as well.

Website issues can be expensive to fix. I build websites using WordPress, a content management system used by 35% of the web and growing. It’s more efficient to maintain and develop new future features as our sites are always evolving.

Jonathan Pieczynski

Jonathan Pieczynski

Owner, Pie Design LLC